Online video poker

Online video poker – slot casino game

Video poker is a unique casino game that combines features of slot machines and table poker. The client has no opponent as such, and payments are accrued for poker combinations collected on the screen of the machine. But the main advantage of the game is the ability to act on an equal footing with the casino, which is not the case with video slots or roulette.

General rules of video poker

Despite the existence of dozens of varieties of the game, the general provisions of the rules remain the same for all models. Let’s highlight the most basic points:

  • The player makes a bet and receives five cards, which are displayed on the screen.
  • The goal is to collect one of the poker combinations specified in the attached table.
  • It is allowed to change up to five cards once for free.
  • If there is a combination in the cards, the payout is compulsory, as the client has no opponent.
  • Usually a doubling game is available, in which you can try to increase the accrued credits.

Some versions use jokers, special combinations are provided, bonus payments are possible, or progressive jackpots are played.

The most popular video pokers

Online video poker game

Let’s allocate some of the most widespread kinds:

  • Jacks or Better (“Jacks or higher”) – a classic model in which payouts are accrued for combinations of a pair of jacks;
  • Bonus Poker – the game is similar to Jacks or Better, but there are special odds on some combinations;
  • Deuces Wild (“Wild Deuces”) – all twos in decks play the role of jokers;
  • Joker Poker – also a joker is involved, which can replace other cards in poker combinations;
  • 10’s or Better – winnings are awarded for a minimum of two tens;
  • All American – video poker with differences in multipliers in certain combinations;
  • Aces and Faces – combinations of four of a kind from Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces are paid at higher odds.

Major software manufacturers offer all the major varieties of video poker. Many companies have released several versions of popular types at once with the ability to play one or more hands.

Video pokers with progressive jackpots

Some models feature cumulative jackpots. The rules may vary, but in most cases, users who play at the maximum wager can claim this amount. Usually, in order to get a video poker progressive jackpot, you need to collect the maximum combination specified in the table.

If you play video poker for money, always check the specifics of the draw. Pay attention to the size of the required bet and other nuances, so you will not be disappointed. Our reviews always cover the jackpot terms and conditions in detail.

Video pokers with bonuses

Many developers of software for online gambling release unique models with prize payouts, bonus draws and other surprises. This can be inflated odds on certain combinations, thematic rounds, free games, and other features. At times, manufacturers manage to amaze even our experienced reviewers with prize options. If bonuses are played on an additional bet, find out what the RTP (theoretical return) rate is in it. Often in video poker side bets very high mathematical advantage of the casino.

Video poker in mobile casinos

Nowadays, all major establishments allow you to play gambling games on smartphones and tablets. Models in this format operate by the usual rules, but have a special interface adapted for touch screens. All the best mobile online casinos offer the most popular video pokers. The reviews on the portal consider the features of these versions.

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